Q: How long can I store my RV (boat, trailer, jet skis, etc…) in my driveway?
A: You have 24 hours before and 24 hours after your planned usage for driveway storage.

Q: What is the procedure for landscaping, painting, additions, fences, etc.?
A: The landscape committee should be notified before any work done on your house. Anything that changes the outside of the house and grounds including landscaping over $500 must have a Ranch Place HOA permit. This excludes repainting the existing color. A rough set of plans or paint chip colors is sufficient for small jobs. This should be submitted with a check for $25 for review fees and then the permit will be issued. We aim to act quickly and not hold up your projects. Additions are more involved and require a $2000 deposit as well as a $50 fee.